Aluminium Fabrication: A Delhi based Industry

Factories and manufacturing plants are renowned for various types of metal fabrication; however, the process of aluminum fabrication differs to some extent from the processes used in other types of metals. Aluminum is often extruded during aluminum fabrication. The process involves drawing or pushing the aluminum blank amidst a die in order to create a shaped product. The process of extrusion is generally done as a hot process, the metal is heated to become more malleable or it can be done under a cold process in which the process is done at room temperature.


Aluminum is used widely by the Aluminium Fabricators in Delhi,  due to it is lightweight and resistant to corrosion but it has a drawback, it seems to be a fairly brittle metal which can break if force is applied in certain specific ways. Extrusion is an important method in the aluminum fabrication process as it generally puts less stress on the metal while the fabrication process is going on. It means that the aluminum shall not lose its strength. There are other ways of fabricating Aluminum; however, other fabrication methods can apply stress to the metal and might make it more brittle as a finished product.

Delhi and Aluminium Fabrication

Among a plethora of fabrication industries across the nation, Delhi seems to have taken the limelight. One biggest example could be the Aldowin Industries Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Prem Gupta established it in the year 1997 and it is one of the fastest growing companies in Aluminium Glazing Products in the region of Delhi/NCR. They generally work in collaboration with the extrusion plant located in Industrial Zone of Maharashtra, which is said to have a capacity of 30 mega tons per day.



They specialize in design engineering, installation, fabrication, providing and fixing of UPVC Door and Windows of Aluminium, Curtain Walls, Cladding of ACP etc. for commercial and residential buildings. Latest technologies like CAD are used for designing and for research and development of profiles, based on the demands of the market. All the shop drawings and all the facade designs are being done by experienced and qualified engineers.


Range of Products

They serve a range of products which are as follows:

  • Aluminium Door Windows
  • Structural Glazing
  • ACP Cladding
  • Sky Lights
  • Glass Facades
  • UPVC Doors Windows

Assurance of Quality

Like other industries, Aldowin Industry primarily focuses on their quality. They test their entire range on a wide range of parameters like designs, finishing, functionality, dimensions, abrasion resistance and more. Stringent measures are undertaken throughout the production process in order to ensure that the range is absolutely free from defects.


Infrastructure and Importance

The infrastructure incorporates humungous manufacturing facility which includes quality control facility, R & D department and other facilities. These industries are generally built across a large area and are equipped with the most advanced machines. The wide array of machinery fitted in the production unit is comprised of lathe machines, machines used for cutting, drilling etc.


Thus, aluminium fabrication and UPVC door window fabricator, especially in Delhi, has turned out to be a leading industry. Its durability and efficiency have increased its demand across the nation. Aluminium can be recycled and hence it has sufficed the need of the hour for sustainable development.


About Aldowin Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Aldowin Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a Leading Manufacturer of Aluminium Glazing, Aluminium Door Window Manufacturer in Gurgaon.
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